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Hazard Mitigation

Secure your property so your community can thrive in safety.

Sustainability & Energy

Retrofit and design for the future.

Connected Community Services

Connect around the shared goals and needs of your area.

Home Automation

Pull everything together for optimum efficiency and comfort.

Community Service

Partnered with DeeperEngaged Social Justice and Social Impact.

Building and infrastructure best practices on the Navibuilder platform create the path to a nationwide network of resilient, sustainable communities. Every project on Navibuilder is plugged national grid for mutual and community aid, hazard mitigation, crisis and emergency response, and a resilient systems-level civil engineering mindset for recovery. Navibuilder uses a frontline subject matter expert-driven continuous process improvement governance cycle to ensure its objectives are met.

Building Villages with Comprehensive System-Level Resiliency
Navibuilder is dedicated to building AI-aided, resilient, sustainable, connected, and inclusive communities of the future. We do this by creating EnterpriseExchanges, structured for Construction, Hazard Mitigation, Sustainability, Resiliency, Community Organizing, Public Service, Non-Profit and Faith-Based Organizations. EnterpriseExchanges integrate evidence-based practices through Modules, which provide core functions within the exchange. Each EnterpriseExchange is connected to your Local, State, and National Grids, supporting your service.
Create a LogicPrimedAI HUB™
Use Village and BuilderPrimedAI™ Modules
Internal Operations
High-Reliability Best-Practices
Use Modular Development
Use LogicPrimedAI Modules
Create Specific Processes & Workflows
Create Modular Support Communities
Connect to an Exchange Grid
Connect to Supporting Interests
Connect to Mutual & Community Aid
Connect to a Nationwide Resiliency Grid
Preparedness Modules
Infrastructure & Lifelines HUBs
Connect to your area’s Hazard Mitigation grid (for personal, business, government and faith-based organizations). Minimize the impacts of severe weather and natural disasters. Combine Modules from local, state, and national programs.
Prepare For:
• Earthquakes & Landslides
• Hurricanes & Tornados
• Wildfires & Drought
• Flooding
• Extreme Heat & Cold
Sustainability Modules
Resources & Energy HUBs
Connect your community or business to your area’s Sustainability grid. Combine Modules from local, state and national programs.
Use Cases:
• Energy Grids
• Adaptive Building Reuse
• Waste Stream Diversion
• Net Zero & Passive Design
• Decarbonization
County & City Modules
Public Service HUBs
Connect your Community Department to your area’s Public Service grid. Combine Modules from local, state and national programs.
Use Cases:
• Education Departments
• Literacy Programs
• Recreation Initiatives Emergency Preparedness
• Social Justice Programs

Community Modules
Civic, Social & Volunteer HUBs
Connect your services to your area’s Community Program grid and other tools.
Use Cases:
• Community Aid, Response & Recovery
• Farming Co-ops
• Volunteer Groups
• Wellness Co-ops
• Neighborhood Associations

Home Modules
Charitable & Faith-Based HUBs
Connect your Community Service offerings to your area’s Foundation& Faith-Based grid, and supply programs directly through home automation.
Use Cases:
• Foster Care
• Housing Services
• Construction Material Re-Use
• Elderly Services
• Animal Welfare
Construction Modules
Engineering & Implementation HUBs
Connect to resources, suppliers, subcontractors and funding programs. Use this HUB to run operations for building, installation, project implementation, emergency response and disaster recovery.
Use For:
• Hiring
• Safety & Wellness
• Trade Skills
• Construction Technology
• Business Operations
FEMA Corp Based Public/Private Resilient Infrastructure Core
An National FEMA NIMS-based Network of Resiliency™
All Navibuilder HUBs are connected to a Nationwide Network of Resilience™ powered by Navitent LeadingResiliency™ Applied Research. The FEMA tab enables:
• Assess
• Prioritize
• Plan
• Life and Health
• Livestock & Business
• Property
• Training
• Resources
• Implementation
• Mobilization
• Mutual Aid
• Lifelines
• Cleanup & Restocking
• Building
• Resiliency Integration

Navibuilder is built on many years of master craftsman experience and success in very demanding environments, as evidenced by the leading positions of its founder, influencers, and advisors. Led by John Mitchell, Navibuilder is dedicated to the legacy of craftsmanship.

Mission: Create an AI based on Master Craftsman Subject Matter Expertise: from grants for climate change, enlightened DEI policies (that uplift all populations and grow the industry base), to building science and technologies, and more. To integrate all disciplines that grow healthier, more sustainable, more resilient, and more diverse communities - built by healthier, more sustainable, more resilient and more diverse organizations, in the greatest traditions of craftsmanship.

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