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AI Technology for Building Resilient Communities

Sustainability best-practices
Workforce integrity
Infrastructure reliability
Services interconnectivity
Elevate the industry.

For Community Planners

New builder technology
Client engagement
Enhance community infrastructure
Whole living system appoach
Elevate the industry.

For Contractors

Track subcontractor compliance
Collaborate in a global industry database
Use actionable data through dashboards
Create job-based communities
Elevate your insight.

For Subcontractors

Improve safety and skills
Build and track careers and leadership
Reduce compliance costs and overhead
Create goal-based communities
Elevate your visibility.

For a Connected Workforce

Improve safety and skills
Build and track careers and leadership
Reduce compliance costs and overhead
Create goal-based communities
Elevate your visibility.

For Manufacturers and Suppliers

Improve product training
Increase market impact
Enhance best practices
Build customer relationships
Elevate your reach.
The AI-Aided Process & Workflows Today to Build the Communities of Tomorrow
Master Builder Expertise with Advanced Evidence-Based Builder & Client Intelligence Augmentation
We are dedicated to helping communities grow resilient Infrastructure, Housing, Lifelines and Sustainability.
VillagePrimed AI® Applied Community Resiliency Technology
Village Infrastructure
Prevention, Response & Recovery
Sustainable Systems
Physical & Social Infrastructure
Workforce Resiliency
Servant Leadership Culture
Resilient Institutional Knowledge
Frontline Driven Process Improvement
Community System of Care
Emergency and Crisis Care
Caregiver Support
Mental Health & Revovery

Primed Modules are extensible, preconfigured and plug and play "Corp Communities" with AI-Aided Behaviors, Processes and Workflows organized into best-practices templates and patterns for for specific Causes, Missions and Goals. LeadingResiliency develops Modules for Core Competencies optimized for equitable functional outcomes. Powered by DeeperMatrx™ for Root Cause Analysis and Front-Line Continuous Process Improvement.

Basic Module Model
Step-by-Step Processes
Behavioral Tasks, Guides, Workflows
Social Medial for Achievement
Creation, Delivery and Management
Persistent Workflows
Day Plan, Scheduler & Alerts
Planning, Implementation, Recovery
Documentation, Reporting, Mutual Aid
DeeperMatrx™ Analytics
Personal, Corporate, Government
Trends & Activity
Individual & Group Compliances

A universal utility to create, deliver, track and collaborate on processes and workflows in relational
tasks, lists, guides and behavioral maps Subject Matter Expert primed for AI. Frontline Driven Continuous Process Improvement.

Point of Service, Persistent Workflow and Automated Day Plans, DeeperMatrx™ Real-Time Data and Situational Awareness
Point of Implementation
Real-Time Awareness
AI-Aided Logical Ranking
Assets, Materials, Items, Media, Services
Environment, Influence, Level, Time
Predictive Need and Sliding Costs
Virtual, Sensitive Accessibility
Task to Element, Element to Task
Element to Community
Alternative Elements and Tasks
Inventory Libraries
Objective Related Lists
Training, Maintenance, Operation
Mutual Aid Pooling

Elements are anything used to accomplish causes, missions and goals. They are attached to Navitents, Communities, Goals and Allies and vice versa. Alternative Elements can be related to skill level, time in skill level, time in use, available resources, environment, and level. Element accessibility can be Public or Unpublished as appropriate.

Simple Element Creation Process Plugs Your Products, Materials, Services and Media Into the Grid
Collective Role Accounts
Directors, Leadership, Admin
Providers, Supporters, Supervisors, Clients
Inspectors, Advocates, Translators
Assign, Track, Record
Assign Clients to Supporters
Assign Communities to Objectives
Records and Real-Time Monitoring
Network of Inclusion
System of Care
Community and Mutual Aid

A dashboard system dedicated delivery, management and administration of specific sub-sets of processes and workflows in tasks, lists, guides and behavioral maps for domain and influence specific objectives.

Objective Role-Based Account Relationships and Fine-Tuned Functional Behaviors, Processes and Workflows
LogicPrimedAI™ HUB
Nationwide Access
FEMA and Custom Regionalizations
Census-Based FIPS Localizations
Incident and Response Coordination
Phase Specific
Prevention and Preparation
Mitigation and Implementation
Response and Recovery
Asset Specific
Site Survey and Management
Resource Management and Logistics
Lifelines, Trained Respomders, Volunteers

Command Centers for preparing, building and sustaining resilient communities including hazards, emergencies, natural and manmade disasters, individual crises, social disturbance and environment impact for people, property, livestock, utilities and business.

Role-Based Command and Mobilization Assignments
SAM Resiliency Framework
SocialAchievementMedia for Community
Bridging Community with Lifelines
Plugged into a Nationwide Grid
Evidence-Based Process
FEMA & DHS Priority Focus
Grant Response Funding Process
Equitable Community Resiliency Cores
Open Governance & Sharing
Standard Bi-Annual GUID Date Reporting
Technology & Model Committees
Real-Time Data & Root Cause Analysis

National Institutes of Mental Health Disparity (NIMHD) Research Framework on Applied Research Rails delivered, managed and accountable through a SocialAchievementMedia™ Model and open LeadingResiliency® Governance Cycle.

Applied Research, Deployment & Governance Strategy
Map Your Neighborhood
Brian Golter: Get the Job!
Elements Get the Job Done
Friends of Sonoma County
Friends of Sonoma FEMA Corp
Friends of Sonoma Caregivers
Building Resiliency Together
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Navibuilder is an interactive community platform for building resiliency through mitigation, construction, installation and best practices accountability, management, and delivery.

Improve Safety
Access daily, weekly and specialized employee training — on the web or auto-delivered via our mobile app.
Educate Your Workforce
Create and distribute training Navitents for best practices, skills enhancement, and career/character development.
Boost Productivity
Empower communities to communicate and share knowledge rapidly from anywhere. 
Increase Compliance
Track real-time action completions by workers, access training records, and view full communication histories.
Why Navibuilder?
At a time when Master Carpenters, Masons, Builders, Electricians and Plumbers are leaving the workforce, the apprentice models have faltered, and talent in the industry has been depleted due to the pandemic, worker burnout, and retirement. The industry mastery level wisdom in ethics, process and workflows needs to be preserved and converted to meet the challenges of today with the technology for building the communities of tomorrow.
Access effective training plans and learning pathways to meet workplace objectives.
Navigate best practice guides and online tools wherever you are, whenever you need.
Participate in a meaningful dialog that reinforces steps toward growth and mastery.

Navibuilder is built on many years of master craftsman experience and success in very demanding environments, as evidenced by the leading positions of its founder, influencers, and advisors. Led by John Mitchell, Navibuilder is dedicated to the legacy of craftsmanship.

Mission: Create an AI based on Master Craftsman Subject Matter Expertise: from grants for climate change, enlightened DEI policies (that uplift all populations and grow the industry base), to building science and technologies, and more. To integrate all disciplines that grow healthier, more sustainable, more resilient, and more diverse communities - built by healthier, more sustainable, more resilient and more diverse organizations, in the greatest traditions of craftsmanship.

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