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A Brief History
Question: What is story behind DeeperEngaged? (1:22 minutes)
Question: Why did it take 16 years to develop Navitent? Do I really need that much horsepower for my mission? (14 minutes)
Some Basics of How To Create Navitents
Question: How simple is it to create a Navitent?
Question: How do I create a task or "Trail" in Navitent.
Question: How do I organize my Trails into "Guides" like Checklists and Sessions?
Question: How do I create a Course or Tiered-Course "Map" in Navitent?
Security Statements
Question: What is Navitent's Security Statement?
Answer: The PDF info sheet on the subject (left) will open in new tab.
Collaboration Objectives
Question: What is DeeperInRoads Collaboration about?
Answer: The PDF White Paper on the subject (left) will open in new tab.
Question: I want to join you, but what is Navitent's view of how to create authentic systems design theory and revenue model change?
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Workforce Resiliency
Question: What are the most significant causes of the Great Resignation, and issues and barriers to bringing talent back?
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Navibuilder is built on many years of master craftsman experience and success in very demanding environments, as evidenced by the leading positions of its founder, influencers, and advisors. Led by John Mitchell, Navibuilder is dedicated to the legacy of craftsmanship.

Mission: Create an AI based on Master Craftsman Subject Matter Expertise: from grants for climate change, enlightened DEI policies (that uplift all populations and grow the industry base), to building science and technologies, and more. To integrate all disciplines that grow healthier, more sustainable, more resilient, and more diverse communities - built by healthier, more sustainable, more resilient and more diverse organizations, in the greatest traditions of craftsmanship.

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