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A Legacy of Building Excellence Transferred to the Next Generation: BuilderPrimedAI™
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A New Technology for Transferring  Building Intelligence
There is a new reality in building. While the concepts, design, engineering, and clients get more sophisticated and intelligent - with BIM, laser scanning, off-site fabrication, sustainable material requirements, hazard and climate-change mitigation, and rapid regulation and code changes - the talent to build is retiring and not easily replaced. Institutional knowledge is leaving, and training and retaining your workforce is becoming more difficult. For mastering the mix of old skills and new realities, there needs to be a legacy-building technology to keep pace: enter Navibuilder.
BuilderPrimedAI HUB
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Elevate Building 
Craftsmanship Through AI.
GPS for Building Intelligence.
VilliagePrimedAI™ is a Subject Matter Expert configuration of Artificial Intelligence aided Alerts, Incidents, Templates, & Guardrails based on Compliance, Compatibilities, Resources, Environments, Functional Objectives, and User Profile in sustainable building and infrastructure across a nationwide network of resilient communities.
The Navibuilder Story!
Navibuilder is an organization dedicated to serving communities through training and resources. We provide our services to the people who design, build and sustain our built environment, and protect our society- through brawn, brains, courage, faith and commitment. Our training is powered by the Navitent platform, which is accessible through the website and mobile app for ease of use, tracking and accountability.

Resilient Village
We follow FEMA's Building Resilient Infrastructure Communities (BRIC) model to connect community Lifelines to best practices so that communities can build resilience to both the direct and cascading impacts of a disruptive event while ensuring the best delivery of services and equitable functional outcomes.
Next Generation Master Craftsmanship
Capturing building lessons and wisdom, that leads to the conversion of Master Builder Craftsmanship into AI-aided training, work site best-practices, client relationships, and more.
Convert next-generation building challenges into AI Intelligence-Augmented next-generation workers, step by step. Because it's more difficult to train and retain people, your expertise, values and safety-mindedness needs to be there with each worker in the field and office. Navibuilder bridges the gap, with an industry-focused platform, that persistently reinforces the culture of excellence that drives you, your people and your business into the future.
Nationwide Collaboration & Delivery Rails National Incident Management (NIMS) framework
LeadingResiliency™ Technology Framework is built on a FEMA National Incident Management (NIMS) framework to plug into key agencies from FEMA's Building Resilient infrastructure Communities priorities. VillagePrimedAI HUB™ NIMS Features include:
NIMS Regional Organization
National Network based on NIMS Regions, naming, resource, planning, mitigation and response management methodology.
Community Assigments
Assign Communities to hazard prevention, protection, mitigation, response & recovery teams - for health, property, business, and livestock & pets.
Incident Mapping & Mobilization
Mobilize Communities to Emergencies and care Incidents. Track and coordinate with Mutual and Community Aid.
Search a library of Navitent Trails, Guides and Maps (step-by-step navigational content for goals) developed by the Internet crowd. Schedule and do them from our website or mobile app.
When adding Navitents, you can do them immediately or use Scheduler to plan future Navitents on a date, date range or repeating over a period of time. Day Plan and Scheduled Navitents reminders are emailed to your account daily and weekly.
Use the Dashboard as your launching pad to your Navitent ecosystem. See your day's to-do's at a glance - featured Navitents, messages, notifications and personal stats.
Create and join Navitent Communities to gain an advantage in seeking your goals.  Navitent Campfires are communities pursuing specific goals.
Campsites are Campfires with unique goals on a common mission.
Campgrounds are organizations with Campsites gathered for a common cause.
Search your personal library of Navitents and goals and view results you achieved for each one over time, during a time range or on a given date. See your previous comments, notes and responses and compare, schedule or instantly do them again.
Have your own way of doing things you want to convert into action for yourself or others? Use the Create feature and change your knowledge into your own Navitents.
Invite friends and share your Navitents, experiences and wisdom.
Always know the next steps. Keep up with your selected Trailblazers as they are charging ahead. Follow the latest trails blazed.
Share messages with friends and keep up with what is happening through your notifications.
Invite your friends to the Navitent ecosystem and specific communities you have created or joined.
Use Share Responses with Friends to track the progress of individuals.
With DeeperMatrx™stats and trends take on new meaning as your are connected to every Trekker and Community using your Navitents, and can analyze performances and differences. Edit, remove, replace and add Navitents to individual or bulk users that push the success rate up for everyone.
Visualize Navitent and Community members usages, joining, transactions, and activity stats and trends.
Analyze Navitent results and drill down into individual Trekkers to gain insights into your users and send support.
View Community stats and member results and compare Community results to overall Navitent stats.
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Navibuilder is built on many years of master craftsman experience and success in very demanding environments, as evidenced by the leading positions of its founder, influencers, and advisors. Led by John Mitchell, Navibuilder is dedicated to the legacy of craftsmanship.

Mission: Create an AI based on Master Craftsman Subject Matter Expertise: from grants for climate change, enlightened DEI policies (that uplift all populations and grow the industry base), to building science and technologies, and more. To integrate all disciplines that grow healthier, more sustainable, more resilient, and more diverse communities - built by healthier, more sustainable, more resilient and more diverse organizations, in the greatest traditions of craftsmanship.

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