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Become a Trailblazer

Do you have a unique knowledge, insight or expertise that can lead to greater safety, productivity, career performance or skill development? Become a Trailblazer, creating Navitents for the Navibuilder marketplace.


• Drive stronger user engagement
• Increase your following
• Add revenues
• Acquire new markets

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Promote Your Community in the Navibuilder Marketplace

Do you have ideas and markets for your communities that benefit the construction industry in general?  Let us know what your community is and the space it servers and you can get added to the Navibuilder Marketplace.


• Impact your market
• Influence the industry
• Steer conversations and actions

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Partner with and add your voice to the Navibuilder platform.  Your content will become part of the building blocks of Artificial Intelligence in the construction industry. If you become a Navibuilder Content Partner, we will set up your account and convert your content into Navitents for use on the platform.  You retain branding and intellectual property rights to your content.


• Increase market impact
• Increase your market reach
• Create new revenue opportunities

Become a Resource
Add Your Resources

Send us links to resources that have substantial benefits and value for the construction industry, that you would like us to add to Navibuilder.


• Increase your visibility
• Add value to the market

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Navibuilder is built on many years of master craftsman experience and success in very demanding environments, as evidenced by the leading positions of its founder, influencers, and advisors. Led by John Mitchell, Navibuilder is dedicated to the legacy of craftsmanship.

Mission: Create an AI based on Master Craftsman Subject Matter Expertise: from grants for climate change, enlightened DEI policies (that uplift all populations and grow the industry base), to building science and technologies, and more. To integrate all disciplines that grow healthier, more sustainable, more resilient, and more diverse communities - built by healthier, more sustainable, more resilient and more diverse organizations, in the greatest traditions of craftsmanship.

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